Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For those that missed the original announcement

Below is our original Facebook engagement announcement, for those that missed it or don't have Facebook. It should answer some lingering questions, especially for people who are wondering why I keep talking about two separate weddings.

We are so proud and excited to announce that we are getting married! Hooray!!! We'd like to start out by saying a big "thank you!" to all of our friends and family who have loved us and supported us over the years. We're so excited to share our love with you! 

I know everyone probably has a lot of questions, so I'm going to try to answer some of the big ones for you right now. :-) 

OMG, when are you going to post pictures of your ring???
I generally don't wear jewelry, so we decided it would be best to save the ring until our wedding day. We have several ring options on the table right now, and we're still narrowing it down to the one we like the most. I can promise you that it will be unconventional--we will be buying our rings from a person we're familiar with who forges metal (mostly copper) into strong, modern-looking jewelry. So it will probably look like no wedding ring you've ever seen before!

Have you set a date?
Not yet, no. Our dream is to buy a house in the next couple years, just outside of town with a little bit of land attached to it, and have a simple wedding in our own backyard. However, we are still several years off from being in a place in our lives where that is possible, so we've divided the wedding into two parts. Part 1 will be a tiny civil ceremony at the courthouse, and it will occur this winter (as in, 3-4 months from now), probably December or January after I finish my student teaching. Part 2 will occur after we've bought a house, and will be a backyard wedding with extended family and friends. This will also be the wedding where we will have religious officiants present and will have a full ceremony and reception. 

But Florence, I am your uncle/aunt/cousin/very close friend. Can I come to your civil ceremony?
We are holding firm to our plan that the civil ceremony will be extremely small and will only include immediate family.  Our guest list for the civil ceremony includes 11 people including ourselves and the officiant, and everyone on that list is a parent, sibling, or grandparent. Remember that we are having a whole other wedding that we are excited to invite you to! You are not missing our wedding at all, and we love you very much and are excited to celebrate with you when we have our formal wedding. 

Tell us about your super-romantic proposal!
Everything about our relationship has evolved very organically, and our decision to get married was the same way. I usually don't tell people that one of us "proposed", because we just discussed it together and came to the decision that it was time to get married. We'd been bouncing around the idea for a while, and last weekend we kind of just woke up and wondered why we weren't married yet, and all of a sudden it was clear to us that it was time. Nobody got down on one knee, nobody produced a ring, and there was no romantic proposal, but it couldn't have felt more right to us.

Welcome to the dinosaur wedding!

Hello friends, family, and visitors! If you've found your way to this blog, you are probably interested in keeping up with the details and information regarding our wedding! We chose a blog format instead of the traditional wedding website because our wedding plans are different from many people's and we felt that we could cover all that information better in a blog. Plus, with a blog you will all get much more detailed information about plans that we're making and vendors we're using, as well as lots of stories about our relationship and our wedding ideas. :-) We're so happy you're following along with us, and we're very excited to plan some great celebrations together!

First things first: you're probably wondering what's up with our name. The backstory is that one day at the beginning of our relationship, I wrote Noah an email in which I included the following sentence:
"By the way, have you ever thought about how much the word "thesaurus" sounds like a dinosaur? I have. Even more so if you make it into a dinosaur and call it the Thesaurasaur. I should draw a picture of this and send it to you...I have odd thoughts sometimes." (By the way, folks, this is the beauty of never cleaning out your inbox--you, too, can find inane details you wrote in an email years ago!) I did, however, draw that picture, and this is what resulted:

Since that day, I have nicknamed Noah Dictionarydon and myself Thesaurasaur, and that is how we sign our emails to each other to this day. So it made a lot of sense that this would be the Dinosaur Wedding!

To close, I would like to warn you that you probably will not see tons of activity on this blog until after the civil ceremony we have planned. Most of the planning is going to involve the bigger wedding we're having an a couple of years, and we'll start planning that in earnest after our civil ceremony is over. But we will have exciting things to update with between now and then, so keep checking back!

Noah and Florence