Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to the dinosaur wedding!

Hello friends, family, and visitors! If you've found your way to this blog, you are probably interested in keeping up with the details and information regarding our wedding! We chose a blog format instead of the traditional wedding website because our wedding plans are different from many people's and we felt that we could cover all that information better in a blog. Plus, with a blog you will all get much more detailed information about plans that we're making and vendors we're using, as well as lots of stories about our relationship and our wedding ideas. :-) We're so happy you're following along with us, and we're very excited to plan some great celebrations together!

First things first: you're probably wondering what's up with our name. The backstory is that one day at the beginning of our relationship, I wrote Noah an email in which I included the following sentence:
"By the way, have you ever thought about how much the word "thesaurus" sounds like a dinosaur? I have. Even more so if you make it into a dinosaur and call it the Thesaurasaur. I should draw a picture of this and send it to you...I have odd thoughts sometimes." (By the way, folks, this is the beauty of never cleaning out your inbox--you, too, can find inane details you wrote in an email years ago!) I did, however, draw that picture, and this is what resulted:

Since that day, I have nicknamed Noah Dictionarydon and myself Thesaurasaur, and that is how we sign our emails to each other to this day. So it made a lot of sense that this would be the Dinosaur Wedding!

To close, I would like to warn you that you probably will not see tons of activity on this blog until after the civil ceremony we have planned. Most of the planning is going to involve the bigger wedding we're having an a couple of years, and we'll start planning that in earnest after our civil ceremony is over. But we will have exciting things to update with between now and then, so keep checking back!

Noah and Florence

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