Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gathering Decorations

Hello again! We've been busy in the past few weeks, scoping out wedding venues (we think we've decided on The One), deciding on wedding dates (again, we're pretty much decided), looking at photographers and doing budget plans and planning what is going to be a spectacular meal. We're looking at an October 2013 wedding, so our next step is to get Save the Dates out ASAP!

One thing that we knew about our wedding was that it was going to be heavily influenced by fall colors and foliage (fall is my favorite season), and that in order to be true to what we wanted and keep the wedding simple, we were going to hand-make or creatively acquire all the things we needed. I don't consider myself to be very crafty, but I do enjoy making things by hand, so I knew people would see the effort that we put in! Since our decorations are all fall-inspired, here's a sneak peek at what we were foraging for this evening:

More updates soon! Happy holidays!

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