Friday, September 13, 2013

Vendor Post: Jeannie Bird Baking Company

We're almost there, everybody! About three weeks until the big day. Sorry for the radio silence; we've obviously been doing a lot, but none of it seemed like it was blog-worthy ("Hey, we found some good sources for eco-friendly disposable flatware!" just didn't seem like a must-read...). There are, however, a few vendors we are working with that I haven't already profiled. In the next couple of weeks, you'll hear more about the food we're planning and I'll try to slip in some updates on wedding planning in general!

I should also mention that another of the reasons I haven't been writing in this blog as much is because I was accepted to write for a wedding website called Offbeat Bride, which has been taking up a little bit more of my time. Unfortunately, the platform on which I write for the site is members-only, and it's a site specifically for brides planning their weddings now, so the posts are not available for everyone to read. That's okay with me, though, because I prefer wedding guests to have more of an informative page to visit, and my blog at Offbeat Bride is more of a cross between a wedding tips blog and a personal journal. My posts have been quite popular there, and this morning my journal was one of the ones featured on the site! But it means I've been spreading myself a little thin, writing-wise.

Today, though, I know what you're all interested in: dessert!

Our desserts for the wedding are going to be provided by some friends of ours who have a stand at the Westminster Farmer's Market. Jeannie Bird Baking Company showed up at the market a couple of years ago, and I was immediately taken by their adorable stand and their irresistible-looking baked goods. They have sweet and savory foods including spinach phyllo wraps, english muffins, granola, peach cake, chocolate cherry muffins, and their (soon to be famous) butterhorns. Not only do they have fantastic food (their stand is almost always the busiest at the market), but the owners are fabulous people who have become friends over the years.

I will point out that I said "our desserts" for the wedding, not "our cake". Noah and I are not really cake lovers, so we are not having a cake at the wedding. We're excited about this because it means that we got to go to the stand at the market for almost a full year, sampling all kinds of delicious desserts, and then just ask Jeannie Bird to make all our favorites for the wedding. Amusingly enough, when we first asked the owner to bake for the wedding, she said no because she wasn't interested in being in the business of making wedding cakes. When we told her we didn't want a wedding cake, she jumped into action!

Without the cake, we have the freedom to have five (that's right, FIVE!) different desserts, which will doubtless have something for everyone. I think amazing food, plus working with our friends and neighbors, is what this wedding has been all about for us. We can't wait to share it with you!

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