Thursday, February 28, 2013

Civil Ceremony Update, Plus: We're Winners!

What a busy month it's been! The civil ceremony has come and gone, and it was a beautiful weekend full of food and games and love with our families. I feel so happy that our loved ones were able to be there with us for the event, and that we were all able to spend that time together. The first month of married life has gone by extremely fast, as we work on plans for our party in October. Right now we're hard at work on our invitations! We bounced around a lot of ideas for invitations, but finally we decided that what felt most right to us was simply to buy some nice card stock, cut it out, and write each person a handwritten note personally inviting them to the wedding. It's certainly a time-consuming process, but we both cared little for fancy stationery, and we know that even our plain little invitations will mean something to us. So look for those in the mail soon--we're writing as fast as we can!

The other news that we have about our civil ceremony is that my sister's photographs won us recognition in a photography community we belong to online. The community is called Day in the Life,  and the idea is that every week people around the world will take photos of what they do in a day and post them on the community. Then everyone will vote for their favorite entry and choose a first, second, and third place winner. I've been a part of this community for years, but have never gotten higher than third place. That week I posted my wedding day in my life, and we won first place! It felt so good to have won, but it mostly felt good to share this day with my online community of friends, who have followed me and Noah through many "Days in the Life" over the past few years. For all the photos we took that day (including the ones I'd posted on Facebook earlier), you can view our winning entry here:

Up next: wedding dresses, a photographer vendor post, and registry details!

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  1. What a sweet invitation idea! That's lovely. And congrats on winning the photography contest--your photos were great! <3