Friday, March 8, 2013

Vendor Post: Sarah Culver Photography

I can only give preliminary details about our photographer since I haven't met her in person and we won't be taking any pictures with her until the wedding day, but we've already had such a good experience with Sarah Culver that I wanted to introduce you to her and her work!

Sarah Culver is based out of Annapolis, MD. She has a really cool photography style--more of a photojournalistic perspective, vs. the traditional posed photos and such. I really loved her style because the first thing I told her was that I primarily wanted pictures of my guests having fun. I didn't need a lot of photos of myself (although obviously we'll have some), and I certainly didn't need a bunch of photos of our place settings and decorations--the "stuff" of the wedding. We're not going to have a lot of fancy decorations, it's not going to be terribly stylish or trendy, but what really is going to make beautiful photos is that we have so many great people that we're hoping will be there, and since I can't possibly notice everyone at the party having a great time, that's what I want pictures of.

I found it funny, the way I found Sarah. I read a fantastic wedding blog called Ruffled, and I noticed a post on the blog in November, entitled Backyard Maryland Wedding. My first thought was, "could this be a local wedding photographer?". At this point in wedding planning, I hadn't the faintest idea how one goes about finding and hiring a wedding photographer, and we were having trouble finding someone local whose photos we really connected with. My past experience in looking at wedding photographers was that, if I was looking at a blog post, I was more likely to do more research into the photographer if I connected with the wedding being photographed. Which of course...I didn't, in this case. I didn't really love anything about the wedding I read about on Ruffled--it just wasn't my style at all. But I know excellent photography when I see it, so I researched Sarah anyway because her photography was clearly several steps above any other photographer's work I'd seen in my research. As luck would have it, I loved every wedding on her actual website, and got in touch with her right away. Several emails and one Skype conversation later, I was sold!

I'm very much looking forward to working with Sarah in October, and I have complete confidence that I'll be able to look back and see the most important part of my wedding--all my closest friends and family together with me. :-)

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